Stanclif is the name of a town and village in Heahham. Before the unification of the Three Marks, it was part of Dunnfel.

The village

The town

The town of Stanclif stands a little over three miles from the village. Many of its buildings are abandoned, as the majority of the residents have departed or moved to the village. Those who remain are largely those not involved directly in agriculture. For the most part the people of the area consider both settlements to be a single locality.


The silver mine.

Places of note

The unfinished church

In the early days of the town, work began on a church to serve the growing community, more accessible and better suited to the size of the parish than the existing village church. It was never finished, however, for the wealth of the town declined as quickly as it had grown. Even now the remaining townsfolk either use the makeshift church that was made to serve while the new church was built, or walk to the village for services.


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